NY Premiere THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES at Penguin Repertory Theatre.
Written by Steven Canny and John Nicholson.
Directed by Mark Shanahan
Starring Steven Hauck, Andy Prosky and David Arkema.
Lighting Design by Marty Vreeland
Costume Design by Patricia Doherty

  • For Penguin Repertory Theatre

Decorative Rendering of Main Scenic Environment as Flattened Elevation.

"This is a surprisingly elegant production, starting with James J. Fenton’s theater-within-a-theater set. There is a grand green curtain with a gold fringe and what appear to be golden carvings on walls and doors. At various times the backdrop is a sepia skyline of 19th-century London and a landscape with boulders, a spooky tree and a sky that changes color." - New York Times

Full Set Perspective Rendering, Act 1: London.

London Drop.

Library at Baskerville Hall.

Tango on the Moor.

Set Textures.

221b Baker Street.