The Maiden’s Prayer by Nicky Silver.
Produced by InProximity Theatre Company
Directed by Terry Berliner
Lighting Design by Cory Pattak
Costume Design by Tescia Sufferlein
Sound Design by Amy Altadonna
Photos by Cory Pattak

  • For InProximity Theatre Company

“The set design by James J. Fenton is quite possibly the best set that I ever seen in an off-off-Broadway production.” – THEATREISEASY by Zak

"…has mounted the play in traverse, and James J. Fenton provides an outdoor patio and weatherbeaten, paint-stripped arbors, trellises, and backyard gates, supplemented with extraordinary detail by family photographs and rusted wire bric-a-brac. Fenton encompasses both halves of the audience into the setting: behind one tier of seats is the shingled wall of the house; behind the other is a backyard fence. At times the set serves as Paul’s apartment or a restaurant, and it’s lighted carefully by Cory Pattak not only to provide the appropriate atmosphere but to distinguish the swiftly changing scenes on the small stage." – OFF-OFF ONLINE, by Edward Karam