NY Off-Off Broadway Revival
Written by Andrew Bovell
Produced by Australian Made Entertainment
Direction and Costume Design by Bryn Boice
Lighting by Simon Cleveland

"At Theatre 54, the audience is seated on each side of a small playing space, with James J. Fenton’s set featuring mirrored surfaces at each end. The simple approach seems just right for a play all about intimacy—and the lack of it."
-BACKSTAGE by Karl Levett

"The deep structures of the play are masterfully interpreted by director Bryn Boice and scene designer James Fenton. The black box theater has been arranged with seats on two sides and mirrors lining the other two walls."

"Set designer James J. Fenton places the audience in two sections on either side of the playing area, lining the other two sides with murky mirrored walls. This clever choice opens up the small space while confining the actors to a fittingly closed world."

"I had no idea what to expect when I walked into Theatre 54, a small space on the 12th floor of a midtown building on 54th street to see Australian playwright Andrew Bovell's play Speaking in Tongues. There was a small playing area with mirrored walls and an overabundance of lighting fixtures in between two banks of audience seats (this is called a "traverse" stage, as opposed to the "proscenium," or picture-frame staging that Broadway theatres are designed to utilize). But as soon as the action started, I was thoroughly impressed by the excellent writing, the committed acting, and the structure of both the script and the staging." -HUFFINGTON POST by Bess Rowen