Awarded Best New Musical at the 2014 New York Musical Festival(NYMF).
Written by Becca Anderson, Dan Marshall and Julian Blackmore
Directed by Tom Caruso (Best Director)
Costume Design by Patricia Doherty
Lighting Design by Sam Gordon
Starring: Alison Lea Bender, Todd Cerveris, Khris Davis, Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Alexander Ferguson, Alyse Alan Louis, Melody Madarasz, Jennifer Simard and Will Roland.

“In a nutshell (cherish the pun, if you please), Julian Blackmore’s score, Becca Anderson’s and Dan Marshall’s book and lyrics, enough energy to shame the Manhattan Project, and a cheesy set combine to offer an other-worldly blast of real musical comedy.” STAGE BUDDY by Jack Mauro

“With the vibrant yet simple set by James J. Fenton, Caruso’s ingenious basic staging and placard use keeps the action moving and laughs at full volume.” THEATRE IN THE NOW by Michael Black.

Alexander Ferguson, Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Khris Davis, and Alison Lea Bender.

Alyse Alan Louis and Khris Davis.

Jennifer Simard.

Stephanie D’Abruzzo.

Todd Cerveris.

The contestants and moderator of Academia Nuts in the opening number. Alyse Alan Louis, Alexander Furgeson, Will Roland, Todd Cerveris, Alison Lea Bender, Melody Madarasz, and Khris Davis.

Set photo at the Signature Theatre Complex; Griffin Theatre.

Back Wall Rendering.