NY Premiere of the play, SWITZERLAND by Joanna Murray-Smith.
Produced by Hudson Stage Company
Directed by Dan Foster
Costume Design by Charlotte Palmer-Lane
Sound Design by Garrett Hood
Lighting Design by Andrew Gmoser

  • Role Scenic Designer
  • For 59E59
  • Date Spring 2018

“Edward arrives at Highsmith’s home, which looks frozen in time technologically: a manual typewriter, a record player, and a collection of hundreds of vinyl albums adore the room. Multiple pistols, knives, swords and assorted weaponry cover the shelves and walls…The marvelous sets by James Fenton are practically a third character in the story, revealing great insights into the author’s world and mindset.” – Peter Danish, BROADWAY WORLD

“Because James Fenton’s set design for “Switzerland” is so stunning, it takes several minutes to notice the antique weapons arrayed inside the beautiful, sleekly modernist study he’s fashioned. This collection of swords, daggers and pistols brings to mind crime thrillers like “Sleuth” and “Deathtrap,” which is apt since the room and the armaments in question belong to writer Patricia Highsmith, best known for novels and short stories that meld murder, eroticism and moral psychology. No doubt this small arsenal will figure prominently in the plot of “Switzerland.” That is to say, there will be blood, along with much speculation about what spilling it may mean.” -John P. McCarthy, ONSTAGE BLOG

“Designed by by James J. Fenton, the sumptuous set uses every inch of the spacious proscenium stage …Positioned on a diagonal axis instead of square to the audience, the set depicts Patricia Highsmith’s Swiss residence in high style, a slatted wood interior, accented by a fireplace and louvered picture windows with a view toward the Alps.
The resulting audience perspective is that we’re sitting in a far corner of her living space as the action unfolds, as if the theatrical fourth wall has been removed.” – Bruce Apar, APAR ALL-MEDIA