2017 NYC production at 59E59 by Creative Place International association with Artistic New Directions Theatre Company
Written by Jeffrey Sweet
Directed by Meagen Fay,
Lighting Design by Betsy Adams
Costume Design by Elivia Bovenzi
Starring Jeff McCarthy and co-starring Nambi E. Kelley.

World Premiere – May 2013
Produced by Hudson Stage Company
Starring Jeff McCarthy and co-starring Keona Welch.
Directed by Annette O’Toole,
Lighting Design by Andrew Gmoser
Costume Design by Leslie Bernstein

Jeff McCarthy as William Kunstler at 59E59

Jeff McCarthy and Nambi Kelley.

“James Fenton’s “Kunstler” set looks mundane at first: stage; lectern; small table bearing coffee, water and snacks; a basic desk and chair. But then the walls seem to come alive. The panels in this campus auditorium reveal streaked images — faces, eyes, naked legs — that could be details of Renaissance paintings.
Some of them suggest agony, maybe to reflect Kerry’s feelings about some of Kunstler’s later clients, like the mob boss John Gotti, and her youthful disillusionment.” – NEW YORK TIMES by Anita Gates. Photo: Rana Faure

Jeff McCarthy

Set photo at Hudson Stage Company.

Rendering for the World Premiere production of KUNSTLER at Hudson Stage Company. Directed by Annette O'Toole and starring Jeff McCarthy.