Eliot Norton Award for Outstanding Production
A triptych of Samuel Beckett one-acts: Rough for Radio II, The Old Tune, and Krapp’s Last Tape.
Directed by James Seymour
Lighting Design by Alex Fetchko
Sound Design by Elizabeth Callas
Starring: Will Lyman, Ken Baltin, and Ashley Risteen

  • Role Elliot Norton Award: Outstanding Production
  • For Commonwealth Shakespeare Company
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"For all of the plays, scenic designer James Fenton has framed the action in a proscenium of harsh fluorescent light, with sound designer Elizabeth Callas cranking up the melancholy via Vivaldi cello sonatas. For “Krapp’s Last Tape,” lighting designer Alexander Fetchko, taking his cue from Beckett, surrounds Krapp’s island of a desk in a sea of darkness that gradually encroaches on a sorrowful, intently listening Krapp who is, as Shakespeare would say, ‘sans everything.’" WBUR: The ARTery by Carolyn Clay.

"..the atmosphere is compellingly sinister.." THE BOSTON GLOBE by Don Aucoin

"… in a black box– perfect, on an elevated stage that feels vacuum-sealed against the black hole beyond. You could have heard a pin drop." JOYCE’S CHOICES by Joyce Kulhawik|

“The production services the play’s nebulous qualities with some fine technical work – not just the sound and lighting designs, but also Chelsea Kerl’s costuming (particularly in ‘The Old Tune’) and James Fenton’s scenic design (especially in ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’).” EDGE MEDIA NETWORK by Kilian Melloy