Fall 2018 Production for Hudson Stage Company
Directed by Mark Shanahan
Costume Design by David Woolard
Lighting Design by Andrew Gmoser
Sound Design by Matt Otto

  • For Hudson Stage Company

"James J. Fenton's set was absolutely brilliant. In a small piece of theatrical genius, he managed to take the two (seemingly) vastly disparate worlds of the characters and found the little-known common denominator between them: the honeycomb of the beekeeper and the honeycomb lattice of theoretical quantum physics. It provided a backdrop that was theoretical, abstract, and spot on at the same time." BROADWAY WORLD, by Peter Danish

"This production of "Constellations" also benefits from Shanahan's recruitment of Matt Otto (original music and sound design), Andrew Gmoser (lighting design), David C. Woolard (costume design) and James J. Fenton (set design) as his production team. Here, everyone is united as one to make perfect sense out of the play's umpteenth parallel universe transitions, resolutions and equations through choice, but varied light cues, sound cues, music cues, costuming, etc. Everything falls neatly into place so unobtrusively, there is never any doubt as to what is happening on stage or when time and place actually changes along with the personalities of the same characters. It's all very beautiful to watch and observe under Shanahan's well-judged tutelage." TAKE TWO, by James V. Ruocco

"Director Mark Shanahan wisely has kept the set simple with an abstract honeycomb motif (designed by James J. Fenton) that focuses our attention squarely on the motions, emotions and fates of the characters." Bruce Apar